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I'm a New York City based artist. I create realist drawings in pencil and paintings in oil or gouache. Some of my artwork takes quite a long time to complete. I have spent anywhere from one hour to one hundred hours on the works that appear on this site. Spending quality time on my art allows me to create detailed images in which I understand what I see. In my portraits, I strive to capture not only my subjects' appearances, but also their personalities. In addition to making artwork, I devote myself to studying artistic anatomy, linear perspective, and art history. I live in Brooklyn and maintain a daily studio practice.

Two of my drawings were exhibited at the Manhattan Borough President’s office in 2015. I have also displayed drawings at Postmark Cafe in Brooklyn, and my work was featured on the website My art education includes studies at The Art Students League of New York and The Park Slope Art School. Most recently, my artwork was displayed at Ashok Jain Gallery in Manhattan.